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​Finding out you’re pregnant is an unbelievable, joyous and often stressful time. You’re excited, anxious and scared all at the same time. Having a child is certainly not cheap, by the time baby turns one year old, a majority of parents have spent around $20,000. Before sending a child off to college, statistics show that over $150,000 will be spent per child. Your life with your children is worth more than you’ll ever spend but there are things to help while you are dishing out all of that money.
Numerous companies will provide coupons, samples and free items to first time and new parents, when they ask! You just might be able to get freebies such as baby wipes, diapers, bibs, baby food, parenting magazines and other samples simply by asking for them. Be sure to join mailing list from various companies to keep up to date on what each company is offering.
Below are a few companies that offer freebies to expecting and new parents, take a look and see for yourself! 

Gerber provides special coupons and offers to families who contact them. If you wish to call them, they have a toll-free number for your convenience 1-800-284-9488. Be sure to check our the Gerber website. MyGerber Moms are offered coupons, special offers and more! 


Pampers offers Pampers Rewards to families who choose to sign up. With this program, you’ll have the chance to earn reward points for baby items you already have to purchase. You can also earn points for reading selected article, reviewing products, and through other special offers.  After signing up for Pampers Rewards, you’ll get the newsletter and personalized information specifically for your baby. Pampers offers coupons that you can download and print as well! 

This free site offers pregnancy advice and educational tools for parents. Sign up for membership and you’ll receive personalized information for your children such as weekly pregnancy tips. Other benefits include freebies, coupons and other special offers! You can see all the free offers here.  

Huggies brand offers the Huggies Rewards program for those who sign up. With this program, you’ll have the chance to earn reward points for baby items you already have to purchase. You can also earn points for anything from diapers, gift cards, and other products.

Enfamil offers the Enfamil Family Beginnings®, a free program for new and expectant parents. They provide information for baby care and infant nutrition. Enfamil provides samples and special offers totaling up to $325 in free gifts. Parents and legal guardians may receive samples, special offers or information throughout a baby's first year.
Similac StrongMoms offers free newsletters, timely tips, and other special offers that may include formula samples and money-saving checks for use toward the purchase of our infant formula. From information on how babies develop, to tips on feeding, you'll receive the expert guidance you need when you need it. To become a member, click on the link below that will take you to our StrongMoms Web site. Once there, you may enroll online by clicking on "sign up".
This will be an on-going list that we hope to add to. Do you have any deals, freebies or baby coupons that we should add? 
<![CDATA[Enjoying Your 2nd Trimester!]]>Tue, 06 Dec 2016 01:00:00 GMThttp://healinggracebirthsupport.com/blog/enjoying-your-2nd-trimesterYou’re now in your second trimester, congratulations! Hopefully, your morning sickness has gone away or improved and you should be feeling better than you have in the past few years. The second trimester is typically when expectant moms feel better and experience the most joy during their pregnancy.
You’ll still need to be careful and you’ll want to take care of yourself. Try not to overdo it even though you may feel really good.

Here are some pointers to help you through your second trimester.
1. Exercise. It’s important to maintain your exercise routine (don’t overdo it!) even while pregnant. Exercising during pregnancy can help to prepare your body for labor and will help to keep excess weight off. Here is a previous post I’ve written on exercise during pregnancy, feel free to check it out.
2. Practice kegel exercises. This will help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and can help to make labor easier.
3. Watch your appetite. The old saying goes, “you’re eating for two,” and although you are technically eating for two, this doesn’t mean you need to eat double the amount of food.  During the second trimester, your appetite should be improving but be careful not to eat too much and try to eat a balanced, nutritious diet.
Enjoy your pregnancy and this second trimester. Your body is changing everyday as your baby grows. ​​
<![CDATA[Surviving Your First Trimester]]>Mon, 28 Nov 2016 12:00:00 GMThttp://healinggracebirthsupport.com/blog/surviving-your-first-trimester
​So, you’re over the moon about being pregnant but the symptoms have you feeling pretty sick. Here are a few quick tips to help you get through your first trimester.
1. Let your partner help out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and take help when it’s offered. If you’ve been feeling especially tired or sick to your stomach, you may not have the energy to clean, keep up the house or cook like you normally would. Keep a list of foods that you like and can tolerate and have your partner pick up the groceries and even cook for you a few nights each week. If you’re working, having some extra help will go a long way in keeping your as stress-free as possible.
2.  Rest up! Get lots of rest, this first trimester you may be more tired than normal. Don’t forget to listen to your body, if you’re too tired to go out with family or friends, don’t feel bad for saying no once and awhile. 
3.  Prep when you can. If you have a day when you’re feeling good (or a day with extra help) meal prep for the rest of the week. Easy meals like crockpot recipes, soups and casseroles can be made ahead of time and even frozen for times when you don’t feel up to cooking. You might even have meals left over for once the baby is here!
4.  Morning sickness can be rough, try a few ways to help. Ginger, chamomile tea, crackers, acupressure wrist bands are a few suggestions to help relieve the nausea.
These are only a few suggestions to help you survive your first trimester, most of all, take care of yourself and let others help when they offer. Cherish this journey and enjoy the moments these precious moments. 
<![CDATA[Pregnancy and Exercise]]>Mon, 21 Nov 2016 12:00:00 GMThttp://healinggracebirthsupport.com/blog/pregnancy-and-exerciseDuring your pregnancy, it's important to take care of yourself and to keep your body strong. Even though you may not feel as well as normal, there are so many things you can do to help yourself continue feeling well amidst the changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

A few months back I wrote this post on exercise during pregnancy for the Columbia City Moms Blog, check it out here!